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ICURRENTGLOBAL is an international investment
company dealing with two main directions.

First direction

Development and sale of blockchain startups.Daily dozens of new start-up projects appear in the cryptocurrency market. Each of these projects is unique in its own way and also brings benefits to the financial revolution. It is the development, testing and further sale of this blockchain startup during the past two years and is engaged in our company.


Second direction

Cryptocurrency trading and margin trading. Every day our team in symbiosis with the author's trading robots on the basis of artificial intelligence, which assess the market situation, analyze the trend of a certain cryptocurrency asset, make a technical analysis and then open a short-term deal that brings the company a huge income in the shortest possible time. And since you also operate in margin trading, we earn not only on the growing but also on the falling market of cryptocurrencies.

Make your decision and ICURRENTGLOBAL
will help you find your dream.

We have prepared many interesting projects related to Icurrent global. This year we will be presenting our own blockchain project and our own token Global Token (or something else, let's think about it). We will also be holding a private event for active investors in Dubai after we have reached 100,000 partners. Promoted where you will be able to pick up prizes such as apple technique, round-the-world trip, new car, money certificate and much more. All this is not only waiting for you to cooperate with us.

Start of development of own token with blockchain platform - Q4 2019
Promotion with valuable prizes - Q1 2020. Beta version of the blockchain platform + token - 1 quarter of 2020
Start of promotion with drawing of tickets for the summit with the company's management - 2 quarter 2020
Summit with the company's management - end of Q2 2020
Official launch of iccurent blockchain platform and token of the company - 3 quarter of 2020
Closed ico icg token - end of Q3 2020
The icg token listing on the official stock exchange - the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2020
Event with the company's management and bringing the company to a completely new level - the end of
the 4th quarter of 2020

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